What Can PK Property Management do for You as an Owner

PK Property Management will discuss the expectations you have as an owner of rental property. 


PK Property Management will oversee the daily needs of the tenants, property and minor repairs.  Listed below are topics and actions you can depend on with the management of your property. 


PK Property Management has an Owner's website where you can view information about your property at any time.  Click the link below for an example of the Owner's Website.  


Preparing Property for Management:

  • Determine rental income and deposit amounts
  • Gather court house records of property
  • Visually inspect property
  • Preview property for repairs and clean up
  • Schedule contractors for minor repairs
  • Oversee minor repairs
  • Schedule maintenance of yard as needed
  • Maintain utilities until occupied and between tenants
  • Pay invoices for minor repairs PK has scheduled
  • Take pictures of inside and outside of property for office file

Leasing Property:

  • Build a website page for the property
  • Advertise on website
  • Answer inquiries
  • Set appointments
  • Show property 
  • Gather applications
  • Process applications

Lease Signing:

  • Meet with tenant to review and sign lease and addendums
  • Go over move-in check list
  • Receive deposit and rent
  • Check out keys to tenant


Maintaining Property:

  • Drive by yard checks
  • Preview inside of property as needed
  • Call for minor repairs as needed
  • Answer questions tenants may have
  • Collect rent
  • Make deposits        
  • Pay invoices that PK oversees
  • Scan invoices for owner website                 
  • Maintain bookkeeping records for owner of monies and invoices paid by PK
  • Monthly: Mail or deposit owners check
  • Monthly: email or mail register of owners account


Vacated Properties:


  •  Take pictures of inside and outside of property
  •  Check for repairs
  •  Visually check properties
  •  Have property cleaned if needed
  •  Retake pictures of cleaned property
  •  Transfer utilities to PK
  •  Have yard maintained
  •  Determine deposit amount returned to tenant less invoices for cleaning, repairs, etc. according to lease agreement

If tenant should default on lease agreement:


  • Notifications may be given to vacate property.  Posted and mailed certified mail.
  • PK Property Management's goal is to work with the owner and tenant in hopes that an agreement can be reached without going to court.                                   If eviction is needed:  court paperwork will be filed in a timely manner. 
  • PK will appear before the court to pursue legal actions as needed.


Yearly Reports:

Detailed year end reports will be given to each owner for tax and personal use.

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